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The All-New 2014 Update Edition
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We thought we were done in 2010, but you've asked us to keep this tradition going! This 50-card set includes all Jewish players during the 2010-2013 seasons, plus our usual assortment of Jewish baseball history cards, and listings of "Career Leaders" and our "All-time Roster." Special Feature in this edition: Ten cards with items from a new Jews and Baseball exhibition at the National Museum of American Jewish History, including items lent by the American Jewish Historical Society. Attractively packaged for home or office display, this set is the perfect gift for Afikomen presents, birthdays, Fathers Day, anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Chanukah, or "just for the fun of it" for someone you love-including yourself.  $36 for the first set, $50 for two plus $5 shipping charge. Order by Paypal, or by check to JML, Inc. 104 Greenlawn Avenue Newton, MA 02459.  We are happy to mail directly as gifts, with notes from you.  

2009 card set

The 2010 "Deck of the Decade" Edition
of Jewish Major Leaguers Baseball Cards

This Edition is Limited to 3000 sets   


This 50-card set is the sixth and FINAL limited edition of our annual and nationally-recognized best-seller.

A card for every Jewish player from 2000-2009, plus highlights of the decade as well as the 2009 season, along with decade stats, Career Leaders, and our usual assortment of "oddball" cards.

Attractively packaged for display, this set is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Fathers Day,Chanukah, Afikomen presents, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or "just for the fun of it" for someone you love-or yourself.

This set may very well turn out to be a "collector's item", so you may want two of them: one to enjoy, and one to "stash away".

$36 per set, plus $3 for postage per order. You can order via Paypal, or by check to JML, 104 Greenlawn Avenue  Newton, MA 02459.

Bonus offer: If you order the 2010 "Deck of the Decade", you can also order, while our supply lasts, any number of the 2009 Editions at $25 each, including postage.

The 2009 “Record-Setters” Edition of
Jewish Major Leaguers Baseball Cards


This 50-card set combines photos and “stats” of all current players PLUS a large grouping of Jewish Baseball “record-setters” and “firsts”, along with updated cards of “Career Leaders” and a complete all-time roster of Jewish players.
Who are the only Jewish players who:
-Hit “for the cycle”?
-Hit homers in 4 consecutive at-bats?
-Caught no-hitters?
-Played the field for at least nine innings in a single game without ever touching the ball?
-Made more than 2000 consecutive fielding plays without an error?
-Won a Batting Championship?
Packaged in a clear plastic case suitable for display, the 2009 Edition is a perfect gift for Afikomen presents, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, grand-children, and yourself!

Ordering Information: $36 plus $3 for postage per order in the United States. Order now using Paypal. Or order by check, payable to JML, and mailed to: JML, 104 Greenlawn Avenue Newton, MA 02459.
Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Greenberg Set

The 2008 Hank Greenberg
75th Anniversary Edition of
Jewish Major Leaguers Baseball Cards


2008 marked the 75th Anniversary of Hank Greenberg's rookie year. As baseball's first Jewish all-time Great, Greenberg attracted a whole generation of American Jews to baseball, and it was their children and grand-children who have gone on to become owners, coaches, players, executives, sportswriters, broadcasters, statisticians and, most of all, fans. No player has had a greater historical impact on the attachment of American Jews to America's Game.

To commemorate the anniversary, Pulitzer-Prize winning sportswriter (and Greenberg biographer) Ira Berkow wrote a subset of 10 Hank Greenberg cards, covering his career and life, including his years as a minor-leaguer, his World Series and All-Star Game records, his military service, the Yom Kippur story, his life as a baseball executive, and his encounter with Jackie Robinson. You may recognize some of the photographs, and be amazed by some others.

The 2008 set also celebrated Ryan Braun, the first-ever Jewish Rookie of the Year; and pioneer owner Barney Dreyfuss, newly elected to the Hall of Fame.

As always, the 2008 set includes all current Jewish major leaguers plus updated career leaders cards and the all-time roster, and a first-ever card for a newly discovered Jewish old-timer; "In Memoriam" cards for three recently deceased players; cards following up on the careers of former recent major leaguers Gabe Kapler and Adam Greenberg; and our usual assortment of "oddball" Jewish baseball history cards, this time covering such cosmically significant topics as the six brother combinations; coaches and managers; one-game players and winless pitchers; converts to Judaism; the high school which produced five Jewish players; foreign-born Jewish players; the only time a Jewish player was traded for another Jewish player; players who changed their names; professional baseball in Israel; the composer of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame";and the umpire who ejected John McGraw three times in a four-game series.

50 Cards in all, packaged as usual in a clear plastic case suitable for display.

Because of the Greenberg cards, this set may become a "collector's item"...but you can't just stash them away!! They're made to be enjoyed.

This edition was limited to 5000 sets, and we have about 25 left as cards. Uncut sheets are sold out. The cards are $36. Order now using Paypal.

Sorry, We have sold out our supply
of Greenberg Bats commemorating the
75th Anniversary of Hank Greenberg's rookie season

Created by the Nokona Company to match the "specs" of Hank's 1933 Louisville Slugger, the mahogany-stained maple bats include the Jewish Major Leaguers logo, the Hall of Fame Tribute to Hank, an engraved Hank Greenberg autograph, and a citation of his key "stats", his military service, and his Jewish pride. Bat # 1 was presented to Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson.


Sorry, the Israel Baseball cards
have sold out

Yes, we produced and have the Israel Baseball League cards. This 18-card Inaugural Season English-Hebrew edition contains photos and brief bios of 42 highest-impact players. Will this shrink-wrapped limited-edition set or the uncut sheets become collectors' items? Who knows? But we do know it's a fun set to look at, give as a gift and maybe even "flip"! $15, including shipping, or two sets for $25. The uncut sheets, suitable for framing, are $50 each, two for $85. Make checks payable to JML and mail to: JML, 104 Greenlawn Avenue, Newton, MA 02459. We have only a few of these sets left. Please e-mail us at before ordering, to be sure we have them.